June 11th, 2013
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March 27th, 2012


In wit and kindness…

SCHEMATIC - Quadrant 1C - 10

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February 13th, 2012
February 12th, 2012


The curtains open…

The ‘Strange Factories’ trailer is released tomorrow at 10am GMT.

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January 18th, 2012

Today the Guilds artefACTS are unveiled.

Kilto Take
Three musical catalysts collide by chance, like some audio-laboratory experiment gone wrong. After the smoke has cleared, what’s left is a volatile compound of commanding guitars and regimented percussion.

Sally Rushbrook 
Divine Jazz and blues infused with a deep fascination with poetry and storytelling.

Guignol’s Band 
Blackly humorous songs about death cults and decline for electric guitar and soprano saxophone, members of The Devil May Cares, the Young Lovers, various improv groups, et cetera.

Exclusive expedition featurette and Society of Vandals footage and immersive research presentation. 

The unveiling of the Strange Factories debut trailer. A thank you to the supporters of FoolishPeople for helping us to successfully fund the ‘Strange Factories’ expedition.

A few tickets remain to this unique ‘Strange Factories’ event, you can purchase entry for two people into the Society of Vandals guild by purchasing Waystation I via the Weaponized online store. 

This will also give you access to exclusive content and future special events, alongside access to the ‘Strange Factories’ Radiograms. The online transmedia narrative which supports the 2012 release of FoolishPeople’s first feature film ‘Strange Factories’.

August 18th, 2011
In Inside the Temple of Cinema, I discussed Walter Benjamin’s response to the effect of reproductive technology upon art with reference to his views on cinema. I noted how, for Benjamin, the introduction of film marked the termination of uniqueness and authenticity. Whilst I continue to argue the case for cinema as ritual, Benjamin maintains that cinema is the first form of art purely devoid of any cultic value gleaned from what he terms the “fabric of tradition“. Nevertheless, the ideas at the core of Benjamin’s arguments can help us to understand and explain what is important about making a film like Strange Factories today.
June 25th, 2011

'Stronheim's Tombola' - The 'Strange Factories' Dreamer & Storyteller Competition


Stronheim launches our groundbreaking new ‘Strange Factories’ Dreamer & Storyteller competition.

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

Stronheim, inspired by the signals recieved to FoolishPeople’s immersive film fantastique ‘Strange Factories’ has challenged you to share the strange fragments of your own stories and dreams.

To enter Stronheim’s Tombola make a minimum contribution for 60p - $1 at the village fete, (which you can access on our IndieGoGo page) and send your story and dream fragments to us via e-mail to switchboard (at) strangefactories.com. Your dreams and story fragments will be entered into a competition to win a weekend away for you and a guest at Stronheim’s mansion in the beautiful Czech countryside. This is the actual haunted location, where Stronheim’s Strange Factories, infamous for the frequencies of sound they emit are hidden deep in the local countryside.

Dreams and story fragments can be up to 560 characters, the size of four tweets. These dreams and stories will also form part of an installation at the phatasmagoric ‘Strange Factories’ tour, where your name will be recorded in the village register. 

The winning dreamer and storyteller will be announced live at the finale of the second ‘Strange Factories’ 48-hour Tweetathons that will take place from 6pm to 6pm on the 24th - 26th of June and 6pm to 6pm on the 15th - 17th of July.

During the ‘Strange Factories’ Tweetathon, members of FoolishPeople will be sharing their own strange dreams live along with stories from FoolishPeople’s colourful history along with a selection of the dreams and stories you have sent to us.

Take Stronheim’s challenge and enter his Tombola NOW!

Join the 'Strange Factories' Facebook page to keep up to date with Stronheims Tombola - The ‘Strange Factories’ Dreamer & Storyteller Competition. 

No purchase necessary to enter competition.

Fugueorgaphy channeled and created by artist & Core FP member Bettina Fung, enabling transference of image sent to us by Stronheim.


June 17th, 2011

Article and interview with John Harrigan (One of the Fouders of Weaponized and Artistic Director of FoolishPeople) by Wired about ‘Strange Factories’ is now online.

A theatre troupe has blended the mystery of performance with crowdsourcing and gaming principles to create a new form of storytelling. Strange Factories, the brainchild of creative typesFoolish People, allows the audience to get involved every step of the way — from funding the film to altering its narrative.

Strange Factories was inspired by the theatrical acts which paved the way for the first horror films, such as phantasmagoria. Foolish People’s artistic director, John Harrigan, explained to Wired.co.uk: “Art, entertainment and cinema need to be willing to rethink how stories are told to compete with waning attention spans. We hope to create a form of storytelling that revitalises cinema and makes our audience feel truly special and alive.”

June 2nd, 2011

Theatre of Manifestation - Strange Factories from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.

"Very, very challenging, mentally and physically" - David Mondard - Sam

Theatre of Manifestation is FoolishPeople’s unique working practice, created by its founder John Harrigan and further developed and perfected by FP over the last twenty years during projects undertaken throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Theatre of Manifestation is central to how ‘Strange Factories’, FP’s first living feature film will produced, created and experienced.

‘Strange Factories’ explores the power of stories and myths and how they are ultimately given life by those who engage with them.

We would like you to become part of our story.

Join our IndieGoGo campaign and become a part of ‘Strange Factories’.


May 31st, 2011


Two lines of beds are slanted against opposite walls. A large gold minus sign is painted above one set of beds and a gold plus sign on the other side of the room.

Lying in the minus beds are the morbidly obese. Needles are embedded in their flesh and their fat is siphoned off. It travels along transparent tubes that run along the length of the ceiling and down the walls to the beds under the golden plus sign on the opposite side of the room. Thick globs of human fat drip down from the tubes into the mouths of the anorexic patients who are strapped into the plus beds.

A sign hangs down from the centre of the room.


CITIZEN Y is published today


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