January 18th, 2012

Today the Guilds artefACTS are unveiled.

Kilto Take
Three musical catalysts collide by chance, like some audio-laboratory experiment gone wrong. After the smoke has cleared, what’s left is a volatile compound of commanding guitars and regimented percussion.

Sally Rushbrook 
Divine Jazz and blues infused with a deep fascination with poetry and storytelling.

Guignol’s Band 
Blackly humorous songs about death cults and decline for electric guitar and soprano saxophone, members of The Devil May Cares, the Young Lovers, various improv groups, et cetera.

Exclusive expedition featurette and Society of Vandals footage and immersive research presentation. 

The unveiling of the Strange Factories debut trailer. A thank you to the supporters of FoolishPeople for helping us to successfully fund the ‘Strange Factories’ expedition.

A few tickets remain to this unique ‘Strange Factories’ event, you can purchase entry for two people into the Society of Vandals guild by purchasing Waystation I via the Weaponized online store. 

This will also give you access to exclusive content and future special events, alongside access to the ‘Strange Factories’ Radiograms. The online transmedia narrative which supports the 2012 release of FoolishPeople’s first feature film ‘Strange Factories’.


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